Mark Gunnin

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Gunnin is chief executive officer of Hunt Oil Company. He has held several key leadership roles within Hunt prior to becoming CEO in 2022. He served as President of Hunt Oil from 2019-2022. As Senior Vice President, Middle East Region, he was responsible for the overall strategic development in the Middle East region from 2015-2018, leading the development efforts in Kurdistan, as well as Hunt's investment in Yemen LNG.

He was president of Hunt Oil Company, where he was responsible for the company's worldwide operations. Prior to that he was senior vice president, Middle East Region for Hunt Oil Company, where he led the Kurdistan development efforts, Hunt's investment in Yemen LNG and the overall Middle East Region strategic development.

He was named COO in 2018.

Mark began his career in 1993 at Thompson & Knight LLC, and joined Hunt in 2002 to work on the Peru LNG project. He became General Counsel for the Hunt legal department in 2007, and is a graduate of The University of Texas School of Law, and Baylor University.